My Puppy chewed a vacuum cord while it was plugged in!

It was around 1am of Wednesday, March 1st when Hannah, the fur mom of Ginger (3 yrs old) and Lola (now 6 months old) woke up with the sound of her puppy’s yelp. As she left her bed startled, she found Gigi (Ginger) trying to help Lola. Hannah proceeded to pick up Lola and as she touched the puppy, she felt the electric shock. That is when she realized her vacuum was still plugged in. Hannah quickly unplugged the cord but Lola was already stiff.

The tiny, 4 pound puppy was taken to the Emergency Vet with severe burn inside the mouth and a pulmonary embolism.

Although most Vacuum cleaners have a 120 volt motor, according to Lola’s vet, these accidents can happen with any power cord, including phone chargers.

Christmas light, fans, and TV power cords are also common cause of electrocution in dogs that like to chew. Most of these dogs are puppies, still on the teething phase.

Aside from the visible burn in or outside of the mouth, other signs of electrocution in pets can include coughing, difficulty breathing, seizures, and loss of consciousness.

To prevent electrocution, pet owners should ensure that all electric cords are safely tucked away and out of reach of pets. It’s also important to inspect cords and electrical outlets regularly for any signs of damage or wear and replace them as needed.

“She is so tiny. It really is a miracle she’s alive!” Said Hannah.

Lola was taken to the Veterinary Emergency Group in Shrewsbury, MA weighing a little over 3 pounds. She was discharged the same day with no side effects, except for the temporary crooked smile caused by the burn in her tongue.

Lola is active, playful, and always smiling.

Written by Kate Brandao



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