House Cleaning and Your Health

A clean home can impact your health in many ways. Aside from reducing seasonal allergy symptoms, and giving you a better night’s sleep, a clean and organized home can also improve your mental health.

Studies found that individuals actively construct and experience self-identity through elements in their environment. Personal possessions strengthen the interconnectedness between self and home (Jacobs & Malpas, 2013), unless they threaten to overwhelm living spaces.

A disorganized or cluttered home can increase stress and anxiety levels. “Mess and clutter can also reduce your motivation and productivity. When all the brain

sees is unfinished work, it can hinder its ability to focus on the task at hand. The constant knowledge that you need to get the cleaning done can put you at a massive disadvantage when it comes to working, focussing, or just trying to relax.

You need to use that problem solving resource of yours for the biggest and most important problems in your life, not “how do I clean out my garage, I need to deep clean that bathroom, when will I ever clean that refrigerator?”

When you trust a home cleaning service or a professional organizer to clean and clear them out, you free up that mental processing power to more important things.

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Written by Kate Brandao



Tip Of The Day
Tackle one room at a time for efficient house cleaning. Start with small goals, like decluttering surfaces or organizing a closet. Breaking down tasks makes the process more manageable and rewarding. It also ensures your space remains clean and organized, preventing clutter from accumulating over time.

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